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The history of the equine insemination centre began as a practice for large animals. Due to the developments in the agricultural field we had to find a second mainstay for our practice.

My first steps with insemination were done on the farm of my parents-in-law.

By the introduction of ultrasonic examination I realized how useful this technique of examination is regarding diagnosis and new treatments.

The purchase of our first ultrasonic device was crucial to our later success.

Our own mares served as test objects in the gynaecological and in the surgical fields.

In 1990 we were lucky to attend the Holsteiner white stallion COME ON in Bad Saulgau. Here we could make important experiences with the production and the processing of sperm as well as with the management of mares. In 1990 we purchased the facilities we still reside in.

In 1991 the first stallions – Fernando and Leuthen II- were taken to the insemination centre.

This part of our business became more and more important as a second mainstay.

This was also due to a constant apprenticeship and in-service training over the years.To offer our customers a wide range of stallions we always try to get interesting stallions to our own facilities and to make contact to other insemination centres.

Until 1994 we only had leased stallions in our centre. In that season we purchased the stallion CLEVERBOY which was a very successful breeding stallion as well as a successful stallion for sports. Through our high motivation we have high success-rates in the field of insemination with deep-frozen sperm. Over the years the doubts about deep-frozen sperm among breeders could be reduced. By taking in mares with interesting pedigrees or with s-success that hadn´t become pregnant for years we could gain experiences in the management of those difficult mares.

We are always happy to confirm a pregnancy among these horses.

CERA from HARM TTHORMÄLEN for example got pregnant on our facilities.

To improve our service we decided in 2002 to construct a new mobility hall as well as a new stable only for mares. Picture Meanwhile breeders from throughout Germany take their difficult mares to our insemination centre. More than 200 mares have been inseminated over the las years in our facilities. Since 2013 we are an authorized EU-embryo-transfer centre. Ever since then more and more “ET flushes” are conducted.

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